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Julio Bruno

21 Nov 2022  

La Marea Roja Que No Fue

La Nueva España - 19 Nov 2022. Las elecciones "midterm" en los EEUU
Non-Executive Chairman, Mercato Metropolitano

3 Nov 2021  

Farewell Time Out

It is with a heart that is both full and heavy that I announce my departure from the Time Out Group

19 Oct 2021  

Why Texas’ Heartbeat Bill Is One Heartbeat Away From Ending Women’s Rights

As a man, I cannot speak for women, but I do strive to listen to the many women in my life

17 Aug 2021  

Upholding the Social Contract

If we are to move forward out of this devastating pandemic, we must listen to doctors and scientists, not social media

24 Jun 2021  

Time Out opposes proposed anti-LGBTQ+ legislation in the USA

If we're to foster a community of fairness and equality, state legislatures must reconsider these bills

15 Jun 2021  

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Two weeks ago, I had the privilege of both stepping back in time and getting a glimpse of the future